Women activists against climate change

In summer 2017, I met a few climate activists at a climate camp in Biggar. We all lived in Edinburgh and were interested in the use of performance art in climate activism.

As women we felt that a feminist approach was making a lot of sense as social injustice linked to climate is very much gender oriented. After meeting up a few times, and with the lead of a young woman, we decided to join our different skills to organise a workshop to train young women in the use of performance art in climate activism.

Looking to empower women and sharing different experiences we decided which art to use: storytelling, theatre of the oppressed and singing. As we were still fundraising, we organised a few events that were open-mic nights: “The poetics of women resistance”. The energy, the beautiful performances and the diversity of the audience was mind-blowing.

Being part of a movement hat is rising around the world, where women decide to change the narrative feels like a chance and very powerful. 

Name: Anonymous


Job Title: Climate Activist

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