Out of Isolation

Being a community worker in the North West of Edinburgh I have had the pleasure to meet different older people who are looking to connect with their local community.

One of my most stand out memories was meeting this gentleman who was very isolated. He was in contact with one family member and, due to being a main carer, had become lost in how to meet and make friends after so long. The simple signposting on a local community church group and organising befriending for this person has drastically changed his life.

Prior to our conversation he had said how lonely and lost he had become. This changed through the voluntary sector. Linking him into two other local voluntary organisations “gave him something to smile about again.” This story stands out to me because he had so little and felt so low and the voluntary sector gave him hope and something to look forward to again. 

Name: Anonymous

Organisation: Health in Mind

Job Title: Community Worker

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Over the years we’ve been involved in a multitude of campaigns, protests and projects in response to the needs of Edinburgh’s citizens, but not without the collaboration and involvement of citizens and organisations across the City. We want to piece together a picture of the third sector in Edinburgh from the voices of the people that have been right at the heart of it. Do you remember marching for tenants rights? Fighting to save the public laundries? Were you involved with community transport, or improvements in mental health services? Do you volunteer or fundraise for a cause close to your heart? We’d love for you to share your story with us.

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