Local Fundraising


About 30 years ago, it came to the attention of some of the Clerwood residents that a young person living there would benefit greatly from having an electric wheelchair. Several residents got together and organised a Race Night in the Capital Hotel. 
This proved to be a huge success as not only residents but local businesses supported the event which raised enough to buy the chair outright and to pay for the maintenance for a year.

The power of communities helping each other. 

Name: Clerwood Resident


Job Title: Clerwood Resident

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Over the years we’ve been involved in a multitude of campaigns, protests and projects in response to the needs of Edinburgh’s citizens, but not without the collaboration and involvement of citizens and organisations across the City. We want to piece together a picture of the third sector in Edinburgh from the voices of the people that have been right at the heart of it. Do you remember marching for tenants rights? Fighting to save the public laundries? Were you involved with community transport, or improvements in mental health services? Do you volunteer or fundraise for a cause close to your heart? We’d love for you to share your story with us.

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