Media Education interview activists and campaigners for EVOC 150

This year marks the EVOC's 150th Anniversary, and to celebrate we are delivering an exciting programme of events and activities that will allow people to uncover the intertwined history of the organisation, the third sector and social welfare in Edinburgh.

As part of this programme, EVOC is working with Media Education to produce a documentary film about the organisation's history and its role in the fight for social justice. In the spirit of learning from the past to inform the future, a youth media team will gather stories and experiences from stalwart campaigners, volunteers, activities and charity workers.

This is now in full swing and Media Education has captured the experiences and knowledge of three prominent Edinburgh third sector figures: Shulah Allan, Trishna Singh OBE and Paul Wilson.

These insightful interviews were filmed at EVOC's 150th Anniversary celebration, held at the Scottish Parliament in April.

Shulah Allan MBE, Former Director of EVOC

EVOC 150 Event at the Scottish Parliament - Shulah Allan from Media Education on Vimeo.

Trishna Singh OBE, Director of Sikh Sanjog

EVOC 150 Event at the Scottish Parliament - Trishna Singh from Media Education on Vimeo.

Paul Wilson, Chief Officer at Volunteer Edinburgh

EVOC 150 Event at the Scottish Parliament - Paul Wilson from Media Education on Vimeo.

We believe that uncovering a collective history of EVOC and Edinburgh's third sector is of paramount importance in securing the future of civic action. As such, we would love for you to share your memories to our 'Memory Box'.


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