EVOC 150 Years


ECSS becomes EVOC

By the early 1990s, the emphasis of ECSS’s work had shifted from social casework which had been a major activity since the end of the Second World War and was focused far more on providing information and resources to the voluntary sector and developing services, many of which were then launched as self standing organisations. So in 1992 the organisation formally changed its name to…


Edinburgh Compact Established

City of Edinburgh Council and EVOC, on behalf of the Voluntary Sector, signed a Partnership Statement which committed the Council and the Sector to working together on key areas of shared interest.


EARS Advocacy Service Established


EVOC Red Book is re-published


EVOC moves to Ashley Place and launches new website



In 1920 ECSS set up the first register of citizens wishing to volunteer their time “to the service of their fellows”. Social agencies and public departments in need of help were invited to make their needs known.  In 1973 A Volunteer Bureau was established in the ECSS office . Rebranded as the Edinburgh Volunteer Exchange in 1977, it was launched as an independent organisation –…


Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Trust

EVOC had been administering grant schemes since it was asked to administer the Royal Scots Emergency War Fund in 1918. Over the years it was asked to administer other schemes, many of which were legacies from individuals who wished to donate a sum of money for the benefit of individuals in need. In total seventeen funds were brought under the auspices of the charity and…


Edinburgh Compact

In 1996 City of Edinburgh Council and EVOC, on behalf of the Voluntary Sector, signed a Partnership Statement which committed the Council and the Sector to working together on key areas of shared interest. By 2002, the system was beginning to creak and the advent of national Community Planning legislation in 2003 meant it was time to review the arrangements. The result was the Edinburgh…


Voluntary Sector Database established


70 Agencies participate in EVOC Seminar "Tendering for Contracts"


Voluntary Sector Manifesto published

This was published before the 2007 Scottish Government election to show the parties what the third sector wanted for the next 5 years


EVOC celebrates 140th Anniversary with an AGM held at the City Chambers


Skills Transfer for Effective Partnership (STEP) project begins


Charity Law for Advisors Training Project (CLATP) project begins


The Establishment of the Third Sector Interface (TSI)

From 1 April 2011 Scottish Government established a single grant programme to support Third Sector development in each local authority area. A single funding allocation has been made in each local authority area to ensure delivery of four key areas of work:  volunteering development; social enterprise development; supporting and developing a strong third sector; building the third sector relationship with community planning. The Edinburgh TSI…


Inaugural Sector conference held


Reshaping Care for Older People Change Fund


‘Canny wi’ Cash: Older People Deciding on Grants for Older People’

AS part of Edinburgh’s ‘Reshaping Care for Older People – Change Fund’ EVOC ran a unique Participatory Budgeting (PB) project where Older People themselves made decisions on small grants for work with, by and for older people. PB was an inclusive process where people were supported to assess grant proposals and make considered decisions on how a pot of money was spent. The purpose of this Change…


Local Opportunities for Older People (LOOPs) initiative begins


EVOC re-launches Red Book as online Directory

In 2013, EVOC began work to re-launch the 112 year old resource, the Red Book. This in the past was a printed directory of third sector and voluntary organisations in Edinburgh and the services they offered. Bringing the Red Book into the 21st century involved a large scale data collection and update project as well as building the technical infrastructure to deliver an accessible service…